An online community focused on news and article in Zomi language as well as photography and videography.

Online news portal for Zomi around the world. Not only for news, but you can find almost anything related to Zomi.

Zomi Daily is an online news portal for Zomi around the world. Nowadays, Zomi people are scattered all over the world, and internet is the best tool to keep them in touch each other. Thus, Zomi Daily takes initiative to let Zomi people stay connected via internet, especially on Yet ZomiDaily is one of the most popular websites among Zomi to surf latest Zomi & world news in both English & Zolai version. Even more, Zomi News, Zomi Articles, Zomi Poems, Zomi Songs, Zomi Videos and anything related to Zomi are collected here, JUST FOR YOU. (Source:  

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