The Chin are ethnically one of the most diverse groups in Burma. The six main Chin tribes of Asho, Cho (Sho), Khumi (M’ro), Laimi, Mizo (Lushai), and Zomi (Kuki) can be further distinguished by at least 60 diī erent sub-tribal categories. The missions of the American Baptist Church starting in the late 1800s served to unify very diverse peoples, despite language differences and geographical barriers. With conversion to Christianity, a new consciousness and political awareness of Chin cultural homogeneity developed, which provided a framework for Chin nationalism. Today the Chin are approximately 90 percent Christian, in a country that is predominantly Buddhist, and Christianity is largely viewed as an integral part of the Chin identity. This intersection between ethnicity (Chin) and religion (Christianity) is important in terms of understanding Chin identity.

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