Sayakyi Lian Tial hi Thantlang peng Senthang khuami asi i, tulio ah; CACC ah Chin Readers Committee, CARD ah Ruahnakpetu le Myanmar Fimcawnnak Foundation ah Chin Ramkulh in Chairman, Chin Ramkulh Cozah Fimcawnnak le UNICEF i bawm in Fimthiamnak lei rian Committee chungtel a tuan lio a si. A mah hi Makwe Ramthen in Inspector of Schools (Ramthen Fimcawnnak lei Sitseyehmu Hlathlaitu rian, 2008 June in pension a la. (Note: Akong tamdeuh update tuah khawh colh kan i zuam lai)

A cauk ttialmi:

  1. Thiang Thlarua Baptisma
  2. Jesuh Angki Sunglawi

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