Hakha is the capital and largest city of Chin State, in western Myanmar. The area is approximately 12.5 sq miles. The estimated population is about 30, 000 (2018). The city sits 6120 ft above the sea level at the foot of Mount Rung and is precariously located along a series of shifting hillsides above and beneath Bo Gyoke Rd, the main drag through town. Hakha is in the middle of the Chin State and is connected with Gangaw-Monywa Highway in the East; Falam-Kalay Highway in the North; Matupi-Mindat-Kanpalet Rood in the South and Thantlang-Saisihchuak Rd in the west and Hakha-Hmantaw-Kalay Road in the Northeast.  Therefore, Hakha is a commercial center and the Crossroads of Chin State.

Hakha has a very beautiful scenery. There are many beautiful pine trees around the city that make Hakha more beautiful. There many red rhododendrons on Mount Rung. Cherry flowers blossom in the winter.



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