The Chinland Post’s Comment: “Laiholh rel kho mino paoh nih rel awk, na rel ahcun kanmah chan lai mino sining na hmuh khawh tthan lai. A hleiin mino hna nih rel awk a ttha ngaimi nungak tlangval tuanbia, le ram dang phan mino hna hmanthlak a si. Catialtu hi Chinland Post online editor a si i nitin ti awk in sport le international news cu Chinland Post facebook page ahhin update a tuah. A thawngpang tialmi lawng silo in tuanbia/lenhloi a ttialmi zong hi rel ve hrim, tha rak pe ve tiah kan in sawm. nih hi cauk kong he pehtlaiin, ‘review’ a tuahmi atang ah rel khawh asi.

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