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In a nutshell, CORAD, Chokhlie Organization for Rural and Agricultural Development hold its national level registration having its right legally to operate in Myanmar, and was established in 2008, 1st January and it was historically emerged from Gret, France NGO that has been significantly and substantially contributing to the development of Chin Community since 1995 up to this contemporary scenario of 2017.
Tracing back into its historical emergence, sine 2008 CORAD has been contributing to “the improvement of food security and sustainable management of natural resources”by mean of the technical provision & organizational capacity building activities and financial supports to the local development projects related to land development. In its realistic scenario of substantial strength and capacity, CORAD has been able to enhance high participation of the beneficiaries in the design, implementation and the critical evaluation of the activities conducted by the total number of 105 farmers groups in four townships in the past and as of now up to 110 farmers groups in the scenario of current projects in 5 Township.
Under its registration process, CORAD has already demonstrated ‘its operational autonomy and strengthen its technical& institutional expertise” and CORAD’s managers and Board of Directors have already been active in the leading and managing CORAD, organization as a whole ensuring the achievements of the outputs and activities, significantly reflecting the donors requirements. Beside that, Annual financial audits for the last 8 consecutive years has been proven and certified the transparency and effective financial management of CORAD and adding into that, the field team has built trustworthy and accountable relations with the beneficiaries in optimum level.
Reflecting what has been done and achieved in CORAD in terms of agriculture extension and activities as well as other development and livelihood program in the lives of Chin Community through the remarkable and significant support and supervision of Gret, CORAD was officially and legally registered as local/National NGO which has its right to operate in national level in the mandate of the government administration Policy and Regulation.
In realistic estimation of current scenario, LIFT has worked with CORAD as a sub-partner of Gret for its intervention in Chin State since in 2010. We have assisted 110 villages in northern Chin to improve their livelihoods and food security through a programme of agricultural training, mostly involving building agricultural terraces and irrigation. CORAD was also instrumental to LIFT recently in assisting flood and landslide afflicted villages to re-instate their agricultural land in time for a winter crop.
CORAD is actively operating in five Townships of Northern Chin as to Hakha, Falam, Tedim, Tonzang and Thantlanghaving its sub-offices in the above mentioned respective Township with the grand purpose of making the better life of anthropological existence of Chin Communities in the context of humanitarian service.
(Source: https://www.facebook.com/pages/story/reader/?page_story_id=1670870012981195)


Contact: U Thawng Za Mang

Address: Pyi Dawthar 111, Bogyoke Road, Hakha

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