Khonumthung News Group (KNG) is an independent news agency, covering Chin and Burma related issues in English and Burmese. KNG is committed to provide reliable news and current issues through a balanced, and accuracy news. Khonumthung is a name given to the highest mountain, located in Kanpalet Township, Southern Chin state, North Western Burma. It is approximately 10018 feet high from sea level.

The Khonumthung (otherwise called Mt. Victoria that was given by the British in honour to Queen Victoria during their invasion in Chinland) is decorated with various kinds of flowers where Elephants, Tigers, Bears, Wild Boars, various kinds of Monkeys, Barking Deers, wild Goats and various birds abode.

Khonumthung Background

The Khonumthung News Group (KNG) was initiated on 7th March 2002 by the Chin youth based in Mizoram, Northeast India. KNG is a member of the Burma News International (BNI), initiated by the exiled Burmese Journalists and News Agencies, from a seminar in Kolkota in 2003.

The offensive Press Security Act of Burma, misinformed the people of Burma and Chin state, and has less access to the national or international news. The circulation of local/state news is totally banned. Freedom of Press and Expression is totally denied to the people. The state controlled Medias served no purposeful mean to the people.

It is an official propagandas machine for the Military Junta. The Khonumthung News Group has been set up to provide real facts and reliable news from Western Burma as a whole and Chin state in particular as the mainstream Burmese press or the opposition media in exile could not cover western Burma and Chin state.

The Khonumthung News Group strives to bridge these missing factors. The Khonumthung News Group advocates the people’s opinion in a democratic manner. It champions the Right to Freedom of Expression and Information and counter the state controlled Medias. The Press Securities Act requires severe censorship and dictates of the military regime to anyone who wishes to express their voice in letters or through any means of expression including the audio-visual arts. For this reason, no newspaper or independent magazines have grown in the entire Chin State.


The Khonumthung News Group Aims and Objectives are thus:

1. To provide all out information of the Chin poeple.

2. To establish an international standard journalism.

3. To make the Chin free for media and information.

4. To establish Freedom of press, Democracracy and Human Rights in Burma.

The absence of freedom of __expression and information, the developments in the state goes unreported and more often misreported by the Burmese junta owned and controlled press, radio and TV, broadcast from Rangoon. Chin State does not have its own radio or TV stations beside the absence of the printed media, except for the limited number of annual magazines that are heavily controlled by the present SPDC junta. With the increased call for globalization the role of the media has become not only a daily necessity but also a means to vent the public outcry. The right to freedom of __expression and information is severely checked and manipulated in Burma. Khonumthugn News Group does not profess to solve all these problems overnight. But pledge to the international community that, we are resolved to further the causes of democracy and human rights in the least developed region of Burma.

At present through a reliable network of volunteers and correspondents we are keeping tracks of the news and other developments inside Burma. People at home are now getting conscious about the power of the free press as our news pieces are picked up by many illustrious broadcasting houses and at a limited scale we are filtering in opposition publications inside Chin State, and therefore Burma.

The people of western Burma and Chin state are less aware of the happening in the wide world. Khonumthung News Group, in its short tenure, could provide awareness of the effects of the media in relaying their message to the world and share their trials and tribulations under the oppressive military rule. Khonumthung News Group, undertaking such bold measure, has helped in finding solution to the existing problems at home.


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