The mission of the Chin Institute of Social Science is to empower a new generation of Chin youth with a learning environment that fosters civic responsibility, political awareness, self-efficacy, and critical thinking. By tailoring the training to a diverse range of students, the program promotes the pluralism necessary for each community in Chin State to be informed and pursue their common local and national interests during Myanmar’s democratic transition.

The CISS Intensive Program

During the project period, the 30 students, divided into two classes of 15, will study in the full-time “Intensive Program”. The Intensive Program is composed of three 12-week terms, split by breaks, and followed by a 12-week service learning period.

The terms create a scaffolding effect, each building upon the skills and abilities learned in the term prior. The first term will focus on developing a solid foundation of language and academic skills. In term two of the program, the students will focus on their theoretical foundation, rooted in social sciences and civic education, upon which the service learning curriculum, in term three, will be built upon. The third term will emphasize community work, and will serve as an entry point to their 12-week service learning commitment. Faculty are encouraged to use materials that directly relate to the national and local community, and integrate hands-on learning as much as possible. Each class demonstrates active citizenship by weaving its curriculum and assignments with the surrounding community.

CISS Scholarships

The Chin Institute of Social Science will offer 30 full scholarships to students from disadvantaged and impoverished communities who have demonstrated the commitment, or have exhibited the potential, to work for social justice, human development and reconciliation in both their own communities and the broader society in Myanmar.

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