The Law of Emptiness Episodes from Lushai and Chin Hills (1890–98) – By Anandaroop Sen


In the first few years of the 1890s, after the definitive Chin-Lushai Expedition of 1890–91, the tract with Manipur in the east, Hill Tippera and Chittagong in the west, Arakan in the south, and Cachar in the north was parcelled between the Chief Commissionership of Assam and the Presidency of Bengal. There was a major conference held in Calcutta in the month of September 1892 where the Government of India pondered on the future administrative fate of this newly occupied tract. After much onerous deliberation, leading to a 500 page report among other things, no conclusive resolution was reached.2 The thrust of this jamboree was to do away with the tripartite division of governance of the ChinLushai Hills. It was, until then, divided between Assam, Bengal, and Burma. The North Lushai Hill district, with Aizawl as its base of operations, was left under the Chief Commissionership of Assam while the South Lushai district was administered

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