Chin Job Network was established in October 2018. The purpose of the Job Network is to offer information related to jobs, training, study abroad and other development related issues to students, graduates, and professionals working in different sectors.

Chin Job Network believes that equal and high penetration of information to people living in different and remote areas would enhance greater job opportunities for everyone. Thus, Chin Job Network offers information related to job and study opportunities to its members. However, Chin Job Network is neither a recruiting agency nor a network representing any organizations or groups. The information shared on the page mainly relies on secondary sources.

Chin Job Network is interested to engage in issues or causes that may/will affect the development of Chin State and the Chin society as a whole. However, it does not exist solely for the Chin but also other populations in Myanmar. Chin Job Network accepts any persons to its network regardless of their race, religion, sex, gender, and belief.


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