Chin Agency, a local NGO, is working for Peace, Political transformation, advocacy and media activities linking with the development of local communities and empowerment. It has strong experience in capacity building, organizational development sector and social mobilization, some in Peace, Communication and advocacy, etc. Furthermore, poverty line is extremely high in Chin State because of limited knowledge, experience and technical resource in Chin State. Moreover, It also caused by certain problems which retarded the development such as high rate of corruption, ignorance of rule of law and sovereignty of justice by government officials, and the lack of certain knowledge about the local problems by the local people. In fact, Chin Agency was established on June, 2014 and is standing to empower and promote local knowledge and experience to reach out in search of local governance and community development in chin state.

  • Promoting in search of the common ground within the ethnic-tribal groups
  • Sharing demography supporting facts and information among institutions
  • Building up strong collaboration with diverse government and non-government organizations
  • Promoting the practical implementation of democratic society and advocacy
  • Upgrading the capacity development of local people in socio, political and community development.


Chin society will access, obtain and enjoy in a comprehensive and inclusive development agendas.


In our work for uplifting the lives of Chin people who are scattered around the Union, setting pathways to work together with government officials and international development actors for local development, building mutual respects within ethnic-tribal groups for mutual benefits, and supporting technical needs.

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