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Norway Chin Christian Youth Federation [NCCYF] was formed by Norway Chin Christian Federation [NCCF] at its first Youth Camp in Grimstad, which was held from 19th to 22nd of July, 2007. NCCYF functions as a branch department of NCCF.

Current members of NCCYF´s Executive Board, which are also representatives of member churches of NCCF, are as follows.

Kan Kong (Lai) 

Norway Chin Christian Youth Federation [NCCYF] cu Norway Chin Christian Federation [NCCF] hruainak in July 19-22, 2007 Grimstad khua tuahmi a voi 1nk NCCF Youth Camp in rak thawkmi mino bu a si.

Norway Chin Christian Federation chungtel Khrihfabu le Fellowship paoh kha NCCYF chungtel an si dih ve i atu ahcun NCCYF zong Khrihfabu bu 19 komh in NCCF tangah zalong tein a ummi Youth Federation a si.

Atu lio hruaitu hna cu;

  • Chairman David Cenhrang [Cung Cem Bik] [NCMC Khrihfabu, Oslo]
  • Vice Chairman Duh That Thi Hlum [CCC Khrihfabu, Hamar]
  • Secretary Ricky Ngunthawngmang [IBC Khrihfabu, Sandnes]
  • Assist-Secretary Robert Siang [CBC Khrihfabu, Arendal]
  • Treasurer Za Hnem Ṭial [IBC Khrihfabu, Sandnes]
  • Assist-Treasurer Zai Hlei Par Sathin [VACC Khrihfabu, Kvinesdal]

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