Rangoon Restaurant, the only Burmese restaurant in Ottawa, opened its doors on July 12, 2010, with a reception. Our goal is to serve our customers the finest, authentic Burmese dishes made only with the freshest and most delicious local ingredients and our secret recipes.

Located in the heart of Ottawa and minutes away from the seat of Government, Rangoon Restaurant whose name is the former capital of Burma (Myanmar) – has become a destination for Burmese food served at lunch and dinner –some say it is “one of the hidden gems in Ottawa” while others say it is “a rare find” or a restaurant that is quaint and charming. Entering the restaurant, a diner can enjoy the vegetarian spring rolls, unique to that region or the mouth-watering crispy shrimp and bean sprout fritters appetizer…a real hit with diners who have had it. The tea leaf salad (Lephet Thoke) made with fermented tea leaves, lettuce and tomato tossed with roasted garlic and topped with peanuts, broad beans, peas and sesame seeds have a very distinct flavour, fresh and tart.

The drink menu includes a select number of wines and beers that complement the cuisine: green tea imported from Burma, Burmese coffee and Danchin (Burmese yoghurt-based drink) that has a very unique flavour. Not only famous for its Mohinga, a flavourful fish and noodle soup considered by Burmese to be their national dish, the restaurant is also known for its delicious meat and vegetable curries that are specific to that region. All dishes are authentic and prepared with only the freshest ingredients, no additives and our secret recipes. It brings a different dining experience to its guests. The experienced chef and owner and staff are friendly and professional. The Rangoon team are striving continually to provide diners with a warm atmosphere to enjoy the cuisine. Let’s come to the Rangoon restaurant – a place to share a new and memorable dining experience with your friends and family.

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