The Australia Chin Media Network Inc. was properly incorporated in November 2012. The organization elected 5 person committee for planning and organizing activities. The ACMN assisted the chin community in their media needs since 2005, before formally incorporated. Cultural events were video recorded, edited into DVD and other media for archieving and distribution to the Chin Community.

The aims and objectives of ACMN are as follows:

  • To help Chin Community in their media needs
  • To promote chin community, chin culture and community events thru mainstream media such as internet, video productions, and news letters
  • To preserve and to develop chin literature and culture thru media targeting specifically for new generation of chin youth in Australia
  • To open up communication gateway thru media channels towards chin communities throughout Australia and beyond
  • To promote community awareness towards wider multicultural communities in Australia
  • To setup centralize information hub on internet (website) to address the needs of chin community regarding settlement issues, law and regulation issues, rights and responsibility issues and opportunities for the new generation of chins in Australia
  • To provide education, entertainment and information through various media
  • Network with other communities and service providers to explore ways of delivering services to the chin communities

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